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Jon Fitch is a feared man

Jon Fitch is one of the most underrated and underutilized fighters in the UFC. People on the forums always ask why he doesn’t fight more or get the good opponents and the respect he deserves.

Given the chance Fitch could be up there with the cream of the crop in the stackedjonfitch.JPG welterweight division of the UFC. The fact is his fights are never given the attention and marketing he deserves. The reasons for this are he doesn’t fight often and the quality of opponents he faces are not on the same level as him.

A recent article on shed some light on this issue.

Joe Silva, the UFC’s matchmaker, told Fitch’s manager that he has never had such a hard time finding opponents for a fighter. Fitch attributes that to the fact that none of his opponents, win or lose, walk away without getting injured.

At UFC 68, Fitch will be squaring off against Luigi Fiorvanti. Although this is not a match with title implications, Fiorvanti is an accomplished fighter and a win by Fitch will provide him with some valuable experience. This will be Fiorvanti’s first fight at welterweight since making the cut from middleweight.

Thankfully this match will even be taking place because, according to Fitch, Fiorvanti stepped up to take the fight after a very lengthy list of UFC welterweights thought better of getting into the octogon with Fitch. I can’t say I blame them.

Fitch is 12-2 in MMA and 4-0 in UFC with wins over Kuniyoshi Hironaka, Thiago Alves, Josh Burkman, and Brock Larson. He also holds a win over Shonie Carter in Shooto.

Whether fighters keep ducking him or not, one thing is for sure; if Fitch keeps up his dominant ways, soon the top of the division will be forced to take notice. Welterweights in the UFC be advised; Jon Fitch is here to stay and as long as he keeps taking guys out, sooner or later you will have to acknowledge him.


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Babalu to make return to octagon at UFC 68

renatosobral.JPGUFC 68: The Uprising from Nationwide Arena in Ohio will be the site for the return of Renato “Babalu” Sobral according to Babalu is making his long awaited return to the octagon after his first round ko loss to Chuck Liddell at UFC 62. Sobral’s opponent for the light heavyweight bout will be Jason Lambert, who is coming off of a ko loss himself in the second round of his fight with Rashad Evans at UFC 63.

This is a very nice addition to an already stacked card. Here is the rumored card so far compliments of mmaweekly:

-Tim Sylvia (#5 Heavyweight in the World)* vs. Randy Couture
-Matt Hughes (#2 Welterweight)* vs. Chris Lytle
-Rich Franklin (#5 Middleweight)* vs. Jason MacDonald
-Renato “Babalu” Sobral (#6 Light Heavyweight)* vs. Jason Lambert
-Jon Fitch (#7 Welterweight)* vs. Luigi Fioravanti
-Mike Swick vs. Yushin Okami
-David Heath vs. Matt Hamill
-Martin Kampmann vs. Drew McFedries
-Assuerio Silva vs. TBA

The Standard for UFC pay per views is 9 fights, which is what is scheduled so far. As it stands right now, the only announcement left is the opponent for Assuerio Silva in his under card match. It looks as though the main card is set in stone, barring any injuries or unforeseen circumstances.

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