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bodogFIGHT reality series

I reported last week that Jake Shields had signed a deal to participate in the bodogFIGHT reality series, though at the time of the article his opponent was still unknown. It appears now that he will be squaring off with fellow welterweight Ray Steinbiess.bodoglogo.JPG

The Fight Network has released the participants and match-ups for seasons 3 and 4, however it is still unknown which match-ups will be relegated to which season. It appears Bodog has been very busy signing some of the top talent in MMA. Some of the more prominant fighters signed to participate in the reality series are: Jake Shields, Daniel Puder, Yves Edwards, Nick Thompson, Chael Sonnen, and Trevor Prangley, among others. The match-ups for seasons 3 and 4 are as follows:

BodogFIGHT’s Season Three and Four Match-Ups


Brad Pickett (UK) vs. JR Sims (USA)
Nick Agallar (USA) vs. Ryan Bow
Rafael Diaz (USA/Brazil) vs. Sami Aziz (Sweden)
Yves Edwards (USA) vs. Scott McAfee
Tyler Jackson (Canada) vs. Kyle Watson (USA)
David Love vs. Atsuhiro Tsuboi


Eddie Alvarez (USA) vs. Scott Henze (USA)
Nick Thompson (USA) vs. Dustin Denes (USA)
Stephen Haigh (USA) vs. Takuya Wada (Japan)
Jose “Pele” Landi-Jons (Brazil) vs. Phil Norman (UK)
Piotr Jakacynzki (Sweden) vs. Steve Berger (USA)
Zach Light vs. Jake Ellenberger (USA)
Jake Shields vs. Ray Steinbiess


Chael Sonnen (USA) vs. Tim McKenzie (USA)
Trevor Prangley (USA) vs. Pierre Guillet (UK)
Matt Ewin (UK) vs. Andrei Semenov (Russia)
Grzegorz Jakubowski (Poland) vs. Andy Foster (USA)
Izuru Takeuchi vs. Kyacey Uscola (USA)
Eugene Jackson vs. Diego Visotzky (Argentina)

Light Heavyweights

Mike Patt (USA) vs. Todd Gouwenberg (Canada)
Francis Carmont (France) vs. Jeff Ford (USA)
Antony Rea (France) vs. David Avellan (USA)
Moise Rimbon (France) vs. Alex Stiebling (USA)


Mario Rinaldi (USA) vs. Roy Nelson (USA)
Mark Burch (USA) vs. Yoshiki Takahashi (Japan)
Kellan Flukinger (USA) vs. Miodrag Petkovich (USA)
Dan Evensen (USA) vs. Jeremiah Constant (USA)
Daniel Puder (USA) vs. Michael Alden

Women (under 125 lbs)

Rosie Sexton (UK) vs. Windy Tomomi (Japan)
Carina Damm (Brazil) vs. Molly Helsel (USA)

Women (Under 135 lbs)

Tara LaRosa (USA) vs. Shayna Baszler (USA)
Tama-Chan (Japan) vs. Jan Finney (USA)

The new seasons of the Bodog reality series are yet to be named and, like the first season, will be shot in Costa Rica.

If these new seasons are like the first, then the only ways to watch them will be on The Fight Network in Canada, Bodog’s website, or The Men’s Channel.

If anymore breaking news becomes available I will pass it along.


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Jake Shields to bodogFIGHT

Gracie fighter Jake Shields (mmaweekly #6 welterweight) has reached an agreementjakeshields.JPG to fight in an upcoming bodogFIGHT card. Shields will be heading out to Costa Rica on Feb. 11th to join 61 other fighters for a 3 day fighting event. His opponent has not been made public so far. Jake is also scheduled to fight May 5th on Elite Xtreme Combat’s sophomore effort on Showtime.

Not much is known about the bodogFIGHT card that is taking place in Costa Rica simply because bodogFIGHT’s website is the absolute worst website I have ever been on in my life. No exaggeration, I refuse to even post a link because I wouldn’t want to do that to my readers. Trying to find something you are looking for on that site is like get it up for Rosie O’Donnell, it’s not happening. From what I gather from, there is a three day tournament type of event being put on by bodogFIGHT in Costa Rica in February. I don’t think it will be aired until quite a bit later, but we will get the results well before then. I will pass along any info I get about Jake’s opponent or the actual event taking place as soon as it’s made available.


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