I spoke with Keith from and we came up with an idea for a funfightnight8poster.JPG competition for mma fans to participate in. Keith is the owner of which is a site that holds free pick em competitions for sporting events. He recently came up with the idea to create an MMA pick em competition for the site and asked if we would like to participate. Sign up is free, quick, and easy. It only takes a minute.

The first event for the pick em competition will be Ultimate Fight Night 8 which takes place tomorrow night. If a lot of people sign up, we will have a prize for the winner of the next competition held. Unfortunately we can’t give a prize away for the winner this time because we just came up with the idea. Hurry up and head over to so you can register and get your picks in asap. Good luck everybody!


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  1. The Fight Night 8 competition went OK, it was a good chance to work the bugs out of the fight card system, I should have the site ready for the Feb. 3rd UFC 67 event very soon. Big thanks to our official sponsor of Fight Night 8 and UFC 67, for helping spread the word.

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