WEC fighter salaries released

     Mmaweekly.com has obtained the fighter salaries that, by law, must be released to theweceventposter.JPG Nevada State Athletic Commission. According to the documents released to the NSAC, and obtained by mmaweekly.com, the fighter salaries are:

Title Match & Main Event Fighters

-Rob McCullough: $20,000 (defeated Kit Cope)

-Urijah Faber: $10,000 (defeated Joe Pearson)

-Kit Cope: $5,000 (lost to Rob McCullough)

-Joe Pearson: $4,000 (lost to Urijah Faber)

Main Card Fighters

-John Alessio: $10,000 (defeated Brian Gassaway)

-Rich Crunkilton: $10,000 (defeated Mike Joy)

-Alex Karalexis: $8,000 (defeated Olaf Alfonso)

-Logan Clark: $8,000 (defeated Blas Avena)

-Carlos Condit: $8,000 (defeated Kyle Jensen)

-Antonio Banuelos: $6,000 (defeated Mike French)

-Brian Gassaway: $4,000 (lost to John Alessio)

-Brendan Seguin: $4,000 (defeated Fernando Gonzalez)

-Olaf Alfonso: $4,000 (lost to Alex Karalexis)

-Mike French: $3,000 (lost to Antonio Banuelos)

-Fernando Gonzalez: $3,000 (lost to Brendan Seguin)

-Kyle Jensen: $3,000 (lost to Carlos Condit)

-Blas Avena: $2,500 (lost to Logan Clark)

-Mike Joy: $2,000 (lost to Rich Crunkilton)

Disclosed Fighter Payroll: $114,500

Not bad for their first show under Zuffa ownership, if you ask me. You have to remember that the figures released to the NSAC do not include bonuses, sponsors, and other income recieved by the fighters. You can bank on the fact that the main eventers pulled in a lot more than what is noted above. However, the salary alone is not a bad payday by any stretch of the imagination.

It was previously announced that highlights from this show will be aired in the summer of this year by the Versus Network. I would be looking forward to that but I will probably see them long before then on the internet. The Versus Network will be airing some live WEC shows as well as some taped highlight shows which will be one hour long.


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