New season of UFC Unleashed on Spike TV

     Dana White revealed in his chat session with Fight Club members that thespiketvlogo.JPG new season of UFC Unleashed will premiere this thursday Jan. 25th at 7 pm est. The season premiere of UFC Unleashed will be immediately followed by Ultimate Fight Night  8 which will feature Rashad Evans vs. sponsored fighter Sean Salmon. also has this on their site, however, the fights that will be featured on the show remains a mystery. In my personal opinion, I believe we will be seeing a lot of former TUF contestants on this season because the casual fans enjoy it more when they can relate to the fighters they are watching.

The full transcript of Dana Whites chat session on was posted on‘s the UnderGround Forum. I highly reccomend checking it out. It is a very informative read.

I have some very good things in the works for the site, and in the coming weeks I will be posting some very cool stuff. I was fortunate to meet someone with a lot of good connections in the mma world and he is an awesome guy and he is going to be very helpful. You know who you are, and I can’t thank you enough.  Things are really starting to take off here at MMAlowdown and the next few months are going to be very exciting. Keep checking back often and I will have some announcements to make soon.


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