Catching up

I’m sorry for the lack of updates yesterday. Between work, watching my belovedalisonoma.JPG Patriots lose to the Colts, creating my mmalowdown Myspace and MyMMAspace pages(which are still a work in progress), creating my new logo and site banner(please leave a comment or email me and tell me what you think), and taking care of some personal matters, yesterday was a crazy day for me and I was pulled in every direction besides the site. I am very sorry, and this will not be a common occurence, you have my word on that.

Instead of writing a bunch of different posts, I will tie up all of the loose ends in this one.

First, there was an interesting interview with Matt Lindland on, which is a nebraska based news site. In the interview, “The Law” talks about; his life, MMA, his olympics experience, where he got his nickname from, his training, his fighting style, amateur wrestling, among other things. It is an interesting read, and it helps to further validate that mma is getting a lot more mainstream attention. You can read the article by clicking here.

Gina Carano was featured in an article in the Las Vegas Sun. It is a decent read, but as stated above, anytime mma is featured in mainstream media, it is usually a good thing. Gina talks about what got her into fighting, what she trains, and how other girls pick fights with her. Call me stupid, but I pray for the girls who are dumb enough to pick a fight with Gina Carano. On a side note, have I ever told you guys that Gina Carano is my dream girl? I would give my right arm for a shot with her, but then I would be giving my arm up for nothing because I have no chance with her. Anyways, you can read the article by clicking here.

I came across a story on that is indirectly related to mma that I would like to report to you guys only because it is pretty funny. Mike Tyson isn’t above begging for money these days. Mikes money problems, and a multitude of other problems, have been well documented over the past few years. He had bad management during his career and was cheated out of a lot of money, and now he is broke and in a whole lot of debt to the IRS and a bunch of other people as well. Apparently, Iron Mike called Sly Stallone many times before the filming of the latest “Rocky” movie, begging him to allow him to be the champion that Rocky fights in the movie. The role was played by champion Antonio Tarver. Sly was against having Tyson fill the role because he didnt want to have a realistic fight with him and he was a “killer” and he “isnt young, but is too young to die.” Tyson was so persistant that Sly offered to give him a cameo role at ringside during the final fight. Tyson never got back to Sly so he thought Tyson wasnt interested. Filming of the fight starts and Iron Mike shows up unannounced on the set. Sly was caught off guard and told the crew to “keep that son of a bitch out of the ring. If he gets in he’ll kill me. The man is a killer.” It was a very good read and I reccomend it. You can check it out by clicking here.

Again, I am very sorry for not updating the site yesterday. I had a lot going on. I definitly wont make a habit of it. Also, please add me on myspace at, and please help to spread the word about my site, it is appreciated. I will be going to work soon and I will be updating the site again tonite when I get home. Please leave comments on my posts, I love to read them and have conversations with you guys. I also would like some feedback on the new logo and banner on the site. I love getting feedback in comments and in the comments on my posts. Thanks for reading, and I’ll talk to ya later. On a side note, before you leave, check out the pic of the beautiful Ali Sonoma.


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