CNBC’S “Business Nation” to do segment on MMA

     Wednesday Jan. 24th at 10 pm east. time,  CNBC will premier their new programcnbclogo.JPG “Business Nation.” The first episode of the series will feature a segment on MMA entitled; Fighting Inc. by CNBC reporter Scott Wapner. The segment will take an in depth look at the growth Mixed Martial Arts, with a focal point on Dana White, and will take a detailed look at the business and financial aspects of the growing sport.

Here is a detailed look at the preview of the Fighting Inc. segment, from the CNBC website:

Fighting Inc.
Not long ago, it was described as barbaric, human cockfighting, and was vilified by both the press and politicians. Today, mixed martial arts — a combination of combat sports like judo, wrestling and boxing — is one of the fastest growing entertainment attractions in the United States. With big-bucks television deals and product endorsements, mixed martial arts now generates as much money as blue-chip professional sports.

CNBC’s Scott Wapner profiles Dana White, the no-holds-barred business brains behind the sport — a man described as a cross between George Foreman and Jack Welch — who had the vision to turn blood and guts into pure gold.

    The website also goes on to give a formal explanation of what exactly the “Business Nation” program will primarily focus on:

     “Business Nation” is a monthly, one-hour newsmagazine focusing on the stories behind the business headlines.
Each edition of “Business Nation” presents a blend of hard-news reports, in-depth investigations, exclusive interviews, and compelling human interest features -– delivered in a story-driven, magazine format.
It’s the first regularly scheduled newsmagazine to focus solely on the world of business.
Presented by CNBC, recognized worldwide as the leader in business journalism, “Business Nation” goes beyond market statistics and breaking news to explore the stories of business, finance and the economy that touch the lives of all Americans.
From small business owners to the heads of America’s most important corporations…
From individual investors to the managers of the world’s biggest hedge funds…
From viewers riveted to CNBC’s comprehensive market coverage to those who don’t know a stock from a bond…
Business Nation” is the place to turn for first-rate journalism, intelligent analysis, and engaging storytelling.

It seems that we will be seeing more and more of this in the near future. With the 60 minutes segment, the “Warrior Nation” series, the coverage of mma in ESPN the magazine in the near future, the UFC section on NBC Sports website,  and now the Fighting Inc. segment on “Business Nation” on CNBC, MMA is becoming more and more mainstream with each passing day. I look forward to the day where the gladiator and bloodsport references will be a thing of the past and mainstream america will have an appreciation for the beauty and athleticism involved in our sport.


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