“The Law” commits to bodogFIGHT

Well so much for being the #1 ranked middleweight in the world (according tomattlindland.JPG mmaweekly). Matt Lindland has a new challenge on his mind; climbing the ranks of the heavyweight division. According to mmaweekly.com, Lindland will commit to three heavyweight bouts for bodogFIGHT. According to Lindland, the only thing left is to “put pen to paper.”

From mmaweekly.com:

“All that’s left is [to put] pen to paper,” said Matt Lindland. He expects that to happen sometime later today, and then his agreed upon bout with Fedor Emelianenko, the #1 ranked heavyweight fighter in the world, becomes a concrete reality.

Besides being ranked the #1 middleweight fighter in the world, Lindland also confirmed that, “Yes, I am crazy. That’s why I got into this sport, but I don’t make a habit of taking fights I don’t feel I can win.”

“I want to fight the best guys out there. I always have,” he continued. “I appreciate Bodog for giving me the opportunity to fight the best. Some promoters just want to promote their guys and are afraid to sign the best because they may beat their guys, so I found a promotion that believes in me and my abilities.”

Lindland did say that it’s a little early to talk strategy for the fight, as he does have another challenge in front of him before he heads to St. Petersburg, Russia. “I am going to focus on my fight February 2nd in the IFL against Carlos Newton. I certainly don’t want to overlook him. He is a very talented and athletic fighter. That is my focus right now. When I get through this fight, I will focus on a game plan for Fedor.”

When the ink does go down on the contract later today, Lindland will be looking forward to a lengthy relationship with BodogFight and many large, home-cooked meals. “I am fighting heavyweight for Bodog,” stated Lindland. “They have committed three heavyweight fights to me and I have committed three heavyweight fights to them. I am super-excited about this great opportunity.”

One thing is for certain, and that is Matt Lindland is a true warrior. He will fight anytime, anywhere, and apparently weight is no issue. Not only is he the mmaweekly #1 ranked middleweight, he also fought his last two bouts at light heavyweight. The most recent being a controversial loss to Rampage by decision followed by a first round submission victory over Mike Van Arsdale via guillotine choke. With a three fight commitment to bodogFIGHT at heavyweight, as well as a middleweight fight against Carlos Newton at the IFL event on February 2nd, Lindland sure has a lot on his plate. If the bout with Fedor does indeed go down, it will be “The Law’s” first career fight at heavyweight. What better way to be initiated than to fight one of the best mixed martial artists in history?


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